Delta Gold Rewards 60,000 mile offer! Too Good To Pass.

The Delta Gold Rewards Card from American Express and the Delta Platinum Rewards Card both have exceptional offers ending on 7/5/2017. Delta Gold Rewards has an offer for 60,000 bonus miles after $3k spend in 4 months, and the Platinum Rewards has a 70,000 mile and 10,000 MQM’s sign-up bonus for same spending requirements.

Delta Gold Rewards


This is an amazing deal for a card who’s annual fee is waived the first year. I frequently fly between SFO and DEN, which I have successfully booked round trip tickets for 11,000 miles. With a redemption value of 2.5-4 cents per point, that values this offer at $1500-$2400 for the points alone.

Here are a few examples of flights from SFO->DEN:


The lowest fares are 11,000 miles, which is an amazing redemption value. For instance, this flight from SFO-DEN was available for 11,000 miles, with a sticker price of $466.00. That’s a redemption value of 4.2 cents a piece!

Special Note: 

I recommend applying for the offer through This offer you see above was found at the bottom of the page when looking for flights, just before the booking process. The offer on the American Express site only gives you a $50 statement credit, while this offer from gives you a $100 statement credit.

Consequently, did not see the offer on the Delta site before I opened up my business version of this card. When I called to see I could get the offer matched, I had no luck and was stuck with only the $50 statement credit.

Also, when you use the statement credit, it’s only a one time statement credit. Meaning, if you buy a $5 snack box on a Delta flight, it will trigger the statement credit. Now, I recently used my statement credit, and paid for upgraded seats on a flight for $30. When the transaction posted in my account, the $50 statement credit was triggered and deducted from my total balance on the card.

I have seen data points stating you could buy an e-certificate from Delta for the amount of the statement credit. If you fly on Delta often, that could be useful for you.

In The End

There is no reason not open the Delta Rewards Gold card. Make sure you apply through the offer directly from in order to get the $100 statement credit as opposed to the $50 statement credit. Delta is becoming a go to domestic airline for us simply because we are getting some amazing redemption values on our points. Go get the card before the offer disappears on 7/5/17. 

I do not receive any compensation from either Delta or American Express. The views expressed here are solely the views of the author’s.