Discount Disney tickets through American Express!

My usual evening involves a decent amount of time on the internet searching for deals, a discount, new card offers, and most likely me falling asleep on the couch perusing forums. Just as I was shutting down for the evening I figured I would look at my American Express account to see if a purchase had posted, and voila! A gem was given to me in the form of a discounted Disney World ticket.

This offer gives a nice little discount for Disney World tickets, which could also be used for Disney Land or Universal Studios tickets as well. The offer is through American Express, and as far as I can see, you need a card that is able to earn Membership Rewards Points to get this offer. When I tried looking under my SPG account, there were completely different offers. My wife’s Premier Rewards Gold Card also had the offer available.

The available offer is through where you spend $150 or more, and receive $30 off. The offer does expire on 5/31, so you have to purchase before then to take advantage of it.


When you login to your American Express account, these offers appear at the bottom of your home screen. To activate the offer, you need to hit “add to card”. When you make the purchase, American Express will issue a statement credit for whatever the offer is, after the purchase has posted. is a travel site that sells already discounted Disney tickets, so this offer could definitely come in handy if you are planning a trip there.


This is the ticket we will be buying for our trip out to Disney World in January of 2018. The offer on the left is for adults ages 10+. Since I have an American Express Platinum with this offer, and my wife has the Premier Rewards Gold Card with this offer, we save $60. That makes our tickets (wife and I) only $320.95 for five days in the park. (I used the $300 travel credit on the Chase Sapphire Reserve for our daughters’ ticket). These are not park hopper tickets, and since we are traveling with a four year old, we don’t need to do any park hopping.

Since both my wife and I have a stash of Membership Rewards points (not my favorite flexible point program), I am just going to use the points we have to credit our accounts for the remaining balance of the tickets on each card. This is by no means a great redemption at .01 cent per point, but since we have our next few vacations lined up and paid for (with points), I don’t really mind biting the bullet and spending some points on these tickets.

In the end…

These tickets would have cost us $1225.85 if we bought them at the gate, but after finding this offer, we saved money and points. I’m sure I will get some people saying “you could have done this, or that”, but finding this offer actually saves us from opening up two extra cards that we can save for another trip if need be. So in the end, American Express has some pretty cool offers to save you some cash, most of which I rarely look at, so it was nice to stumble upon this gem.